Friday, January 27, 2006

The Big Easy

Big Easy
332-334 Kings Road,

Not refering to Mark but a meat feast of a restaurent, located at the opposite end of the Kings Road towards World's End. The simple Red Exterior has tables outside in summer and leads into a cosy bar with tables upstairs. However the appeal of this place can be found downstairs where every night at 8.30pm live singers come on to serenade the guests stuffing their little cheeks.

I managed to wean myself of the usual ribs and chicken and tried the fillet mignon which is unusual for me as I rarely eat beef. Mark explained to me something along the lines that the 15 0z New York Steak would not be as good as the 12oz Fillet...... Quality over quantity..... and I am glad I listened to him. It was fantastic but I think next time I will go for Medium as Medium Rare is a bit too bloody for my pallet. Cyn had the same and a Pina Colada which was very smooth. I have had the prawns before but I was not that impressed with the Seafood.

Markey tried the ribs and had himself a nice dessert. The nice waiter even popped a candle on it for him. Mark was particularly happy with the candle and the Hoff next to him. (Knight Rider Season 1 ;-) ) or maybe it was his idol in the picture above.

Well for a cosy night in with lots of meat this is your place.....


Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Favorite Restaurant... Andrew Edmunds is English! (sort of)

OK so it's not often you would ever go to an English restaurant. To be quite honest apart from "fish and chips" or "pie and mash" I'd be hard pushed to tell you what an English restaurant would serve. Because of my partner being Japanese I often find myself eating chunks of raw fish, cooked fish, whole fish with heads on, fish paste, bowls of rice, strange pickles all washed down with miso soup and did I mention fish? Don't get me wrong I love Asian food, but sometimes I crave for something less.... fishy and ricey I suppose. Finding a western restaurant that we both like is difficult!

Actually it's not quite fair to call this an English restaurant as it's classified on London Eating as "Modern European" and there is a strong French influence. We discovered the place when walking past one evening, it was really busy and looked so warm and inviting that we booked a table for the next evening. Hidden in a side street in Soho, Andrew Edmunds is a good place to take a few friends, eat excellent food, drink fine wines and talk rubbish for a few hours. The atmosphere is cosy and intimate and is also perfect to visit as a couple. The largest table seats six so avoids noisy groups and although you could describe it as sophisticated, it's certainly not pretentious. The place is small, which adds to the atmosphere and the place would be ruined if they decided to expand.

The menu is hand written and is changed on a daily basis. They don't have a web site, they don't book more than a few weeks in advance (although you do need to book) and the wine list is enormous. You can go for wines from around £10 a bottle right up to £100 if you are feeling rich. The food is reasonably priced, with a starter costing around £5 and main costing around £10 to £15. Last time I visited I had room temperature steak with horseraddish creme fraishe and the time before (pictured) I had lamb with mashed potato. Both dishes were excellent and this Restaurant has never let me down. I can't remember the full name of either of the dishes but in my defensece I did drink a whole bottle of wine both times.

I would be very surpriseded if you didn't leave this restaurant full, drunk and very satisfied. Just don't go and ruin the evening by drinking lager and dancing to loud music in some awful gay bar :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lets go Sushi .............


Gili Gulu
50-52 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9EP Map
Cuisine: Japanese
Telephone: 020 7379 6888

I have recently got into the whole Sushi thang, not that I am a connoisseur I just put the tasty morsels in my mouth and chew (slowly) to savour the flavour....

I am a little bit YoSushi'ed out as we had the 1/2 price voucher for January and made good use of it. We went quite late (as I lost the voucher .... DOH) and my advice is if you are going to eat at Yo Sushi eat earlier rather than later.

At 9pm there are limited dishes and not so fresh. We went a week or so later at 7pm and had more choice and the food was fresher (notably the soft shell crab wrap which was awesome)

I have gradually lost the resolve not to eat beef and enjoyed the beef skewers at Yo Sushi and more recently the Fillet Mignon at the Big Easy.

If you are in town and want a snack visit the Japananese Centre in Picadilly Circus for cheap Sushi and some nice Chicken with Rice.

I need to find out the names of the dishes rather than that looks nice.....


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back in time Xmas 2005

Xmas can be a very stressfull time of year. What to buy what not to buy who to see / to avoid.....

Yes the meaning has been lost on most of I us I think but here is waht I did.

Xmas Eve saw my parents and ended up at one of my Aunties houses.
Always interesting as I have no idea who I will meet so company can be real hit or miss.

Food was excellent, a combination of classic Chinese food like duck, rice etc mixed in
with some excellent Mai Fun noodles and Malaysian cuisine I have not tasted in a while.
I think one was Yam cakes and Chicken curry with cocnut flavouring.

Xmas Day was a mixture of Goan prawn curry, mixed in with roast Chicken and Sausages
Brussel sprouts etc. My trousers started to get tight at this stage. Couple this with lounging
around chatting to friends and playing stop the bus and name that tune on DVD which my
 team lost even though we were on the last question for ages.....

The 80's suck what can I say.

Boxing day was the piece da resistance !!

Roast Ham Roast Lamb Turkey........... Meat heaven........

Settled down to some stories from Mark about Brazil and how NOT to climb rocks by the sea just
to get to a restaurent...... MARK and Ads where are the PICS ?!!!!!

So yes I am now a lot heavier and need to work it off.

Started my regime by getting my Half-price Yo Sush! which was loverly........

Still need to get to Borough market as I am told the bestr fresh produce is there.

-= AL =-

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Computers.... typical

Well first day back at work and I cannot even post to my own blog !! was one of the firs url's I came across
and its cute and dam addictive. there is something about being creative and destructive that just grabs you.

This distracts from my idea that this is a food and good times blog but I could not help but
add them. If you try them you will see why.

Suffice to say the rest of the day panned out to be work orientated and not so interesting so if
my good sister could help by adding her recipe for curshed chick peas I would be most grateful.

Also any ideas of where to hold my birthday at the end of the month will be most welcome.

Probably a joint affair with Panna and possibly Anita ? Navid ? Mark and Riad ? well give venues and
reasons why I should go there..... Ciao


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new Year!

Was a pleasure to hang out with my closest buddies last night to close out an old year and start the new. thanks guys ;-). Mate, it was such a hoot to see you a bit blotto, and well done on staying concious and awake - not entirely sure it helped the singing though ;-) - lets see the pix please - especially the ones of you squealing your lungs out pulling your "sex" face - ewwwww. Hope your 2006 is successful and happy in every way........

It's 2006 !!!

Well New Years was a nice quiet affair. Stayed in with Duck pancake Lemon
Chicken, Haagen Daz with Brazil Nuts covered in chocolate on top.

A few friends saw the fireworks at the eye.... AMAZING .... then sang the
night away.

I think this explains my sore throat now.