Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back in time Xmas 2005

Xmas can be a very stressfull time of year. What to buy what not to buy who to see / to avoid.....

Yes the meaning has been lost on most of I us I think but here is waht I did.

Xmas Eve saw my parents and ended up at one of my Aunties houses.
Always interesting as I have no idea who I will meet so company can be real hit or miss.

Food was excellent, a combination of classic Chinese food like duck, rice etc mixed in
with some excellent Mai Fun noodles and Malaysian cuisine I have not tasted in a while.
I think one was Yam cakes and Chicken curry with cocnut flavouring.

Xmas Day was a mixture of Goan prawn curry, mixed in with roast Chicken and Sausages
Brussel sprouts etc. My trousers started to get tight at this stage. Couple this with lounging
around chatting to friends and playing stop the bus and name that tune on DVD which my
 team lost even though we were on the last question for ages.....

The 80's suck what can I say.

Boxing day was the piece da resistance !!

Roast Ham Roast Lamb Turkey........... Meat heaven........

Settled down to some stories from Mark about Brazil and how NOT to climb rocks by the sea just
to get to a restaurent...... MARK and Ads where are the PICS ?!!!!!

So yes I am now a lot heavier and need to work it off.

Started my regime by getting my Half-price Yo Sush! which was loverly........

Still need to get to Borough market as I am told the bestr fresh produce is there.

-= AL =-


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