Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Computers.... typical

Well first day back at work and I cannot even post to my own blog !!

http://www.eyezmaze.com/grow/cube/index.html was one of the firs url's I came across
and its cute and dam addictive.

http://chir.ag/stuff/sand/ there is something about being creative and destructive that just grabs you.

This distracts from my idea that this is a food and good times blog but I could not help but
add them. If you try them you will see why.

Suffice to say the rest of the day panned out to be work orientated and not so interesting so if
my good sister could help by adding her recipe for curshed chick peas I would be most grateful.

Also any ideas of where to hold my birthday at the end of the month will be most welcome.

Probably a joint affair with Panna and possibly Anita ? Navid ? Mark and Riad ? well give venues and
reasons why I should go there..... Ciao



Blogger KiTT said...

Alfie - I have logged in as you and I can see it no problem. http://www.blogger.com/home
P.s. You site is getting quite a lot of hits! Good start.. When it has more posts I will start promoting it. Do any of you mates want a kitt.net hosted site.

11:07 am  
Blogger SG said...

OK, beware eyemaze...i checked out the website to see what it was about and several hours later i was still there (still trying to figure it out)!! It's an addictive logic puzzle and in the end i had to get help to solve it, so that i could do something else, anything else!

11:51 am  
Blogger KiTT said...

I agree - that is the worlds most addictive puzzle game. Maybe Alfie or someone should post it here.

12:51 pm  
Blogger little moonflower said...

I wanted to start a new post but I don't know how!

Anyway, all I wanted to do was share a comment about food.

I had goose for the first time on Christmas day. I really liked it! Being a bit ignorant, I thought goose would be like turkey meat, but it is like duck, but lighter. What did everyone else have on Christmas day?

12:59 am  

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