Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new Year!

Was a pleasure to hang out with my closest buddies last night to close out an old year and start the new. thanks guys ;-). Mate, it was such a hoot to see you a bit blotto, and well done on staying concious and awake - not entirely sure it helped the singing though ;-) - lets see the pix please - especially the ones of you squealing your lungs out pulling your "sex" face - ewwwww. Hope your 2006 is successful and happy in every way........


Blogger helena said...

Happy New Year and Bonne Annee..

Despite the allure of the sparkling company and gluttony I would clearly have experienced – I almost regret not spending NY at ALfies, but I thought avoidance of the 'Sex face' during karaoke warbling was rather crucial. Apologies bro.

NY in a Barbican flat this year-was somehow roped into party preparations due to envisaged tube strikes from midday on NYE. That I was the only one to have shifted my social calendar by 12 hours shows either tremendous foresight or excessive keenness. Brings a new meaning to unfashionably early.

A few things that came to light from the evening..

Kitchens provide emasculation..
Hummous and tzatziki are like make-up to the male. They think making these from scratch displays them in their best light- flexing of biceps when mashing the chickpeas; a slice of Jamie here, a pinch of Gordon there (yes please), they are welded to their pestle (ooer) once they’ve started.

On a completely different note, also discovered that evening that my knowledge of history derives wholly from films. Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan have contributed greatly to my education. As had Lord of the Rings, until someone told me it was all made up.

Anyway,as this is a food blog, the hummous and tzatziki were both delicious. Anyone, who would like the recipe, and tips on how to look good while making it,do let me know.

Ooh- I've written quite a bit. didn’t mean to go on..

Happy 2006 everyone. Much love x

12:07 am  
Blogger KiTT said...

Someone upload some photos - it has been a while since I have seen Alfie - does he still look like a 16 year old boy or has he finally started aging? How does he do that?

10:50 am  
Blogger fruitypie1000 said...

Hi Chris I think I need some URL space for me photos .... where can I upload photos to ? and yes I still look 16.

11:15 am  
Blogger KiTT said...

Dude - no need. All you need to do is click upload and it automatically, shrinks, thumbnails & uploads your photo. Bob's yer fathers brother. Man Love, Chris H

1:48 pm  
Blogger KiTT said...

Let's see some pictures then people :)

3:23 pm  
Blogger chuey38 said...


Having seen a bit of Alfie recently, (thankfully not ALL of him) I can submit that Alfie is exhibiting at least one of the the tell tale signs of age-ing : an expanding waistline and also a penchant for evenings-in.

However, I suspect his behaviour will, at the very least remain pre-pubescent for ever more.

Personally, I blame / credit Cynthia for this ;-)


10:13 pm  

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